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02/24/09 10:50 AM #7    

Jason Magby

Hello everyone!
I am trying get up to speed.
I would like to say thanks to Tommy Coplen
for giving me a call and putting some fire under my #!*.
and thanks to John Reed who has also
tried a number of times to contact me.

02/25/09 11:50 AM #8    

Misty Shewmaker (Hollis)

Jason we are so glad to finally hear from you!!!!

03/04/09 10:43 AM #9    

Misty Shewmaker (Hollis)

Hey to all that read the post. I was just looking at our missing list and we are down to 70. Yea!! If you see anyone on the list who hasn't updated their profile or is on the missing list and you can reach them, please let them know about the website. Tell them we miss them and would like to contact them about the reunion.


03/07/09 03:29 PM #10    

Patricia Ayers (Bensema)

What was the name of our Valedictorian?? I can remember her face, but not her name??

Does anyone keep in touch with anyone from the class of 1988???

I am looking for Mia Devoll...I lost track of her in 1990-1991...Last I remember she was married and had 2 baby boys, but then was divorcing...So, Her kids should be grown, around 19-20....

03/26/09 11:34 PM #11    

Jeff Tucker

Whats up everybody? It's great to see whats happening in our class.I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Hope everyone trys to make the mixer Sat.Stay in touch

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04/22/09 11:00 PM #12    

Michael Justice

Hey Everybody. Is it just me or does everyone live in Burleson? How do you not run in to each other all the time at the grocery stores?

Great job on the website!! Looking forward to August.

04/27/09 02:14 PM #13    

Keri Morris (Wayt)

Hey all. Just got the website. I am STOKED about the reunion. Can't wait to see everyone!

06/03/09 09:32 AM #14    

Jan Shepherd (Stumbo)

I just wanted to say what a great job the committee has done planning and organizing this event and all the mixers. KUDOS to ALL of YOU!!!Thanks for all the dedication and hard work. It has been fun getting in touch with old friends...

See you in August!

Jan S

07/19/09 04:40 PM #15    

Robin Dunnam

Hi Class! I'm looking forward to the reunion. I've just posted some photos for the slideshow. Enjoy!

07/29/09 09:17 AM #16    

Deena Harp (Cobler)

thank you Jan - I must say my co-committee members are awesome! They have done an amazing job and we have all become better friends in the process - that is so special to me - can't wait to see everyone!

08/06/09 04:26 PM #17    

Miguel Howard

Hey everybody! I've been taking some serious trips down memory lane and am excited to see everyone. The countdown is on. Mike Justice...not everyone is living in Burleson, my life's travels took me all the way to Fort Worth Texas!

08/07/09 06:35 PM #18    

Torrey Moncrief


09/12/16 09:10 AM #19    


Shane Wilhelmi

Does anyone ever get on here anymore ?

04/30/19 09:53 AM #20    

Debbie Wikoff (Gibson)

I only saw this because I still receive emails from this site should someone post but that is very rare.  I don't check the site ever though.  

04/30/19 11:03 AM #21    


Aaron Cardoza

Are we having a 30 Year reunion?

05/01/19 01:15 PM #22    

Debbie Wikoff (Gibson)

 I just had a conversation with Mark about this a couple weeks ago when I was in town visiting and he’s not aware of any plans in the works. 

05/02/19 03:25 PM #23    

Felita Watson (Robinson)

I think we should have a 30 year Reunion. It would be a blast!

05/02/19 03:47 PM #24    


Gary Darling

There has been talk of one in the Class of ‘89 reunion page on Facebook. Nothing set in concrete as far as I know. 

05/02/19 08:43 PM #25    


Howard Johnson

I spoke with Misty Hollis (Shewmaker) today after seeing the responses on here about the 30 year. I have my profile set to alert me to any changes. I noticed not many people check this site out since Facebook is the big thing. However, I told Misty to get my name and number out there to those that are wishing to organize a few to start working on another reunion. I am willing to help get this organize since I am on a 4 on 3 off schedule. You can contact me by cell at 817-308-1574 if you need the help. Please leave a message if I do not answer. I get a massive amount of spam calls and ignore most of them.

05/03/19 10:33 AM #26    

Debbie Wikoff (Gibson)

What is the FB link?

05/03/19 10:48 AM #27    


Gary Darling

05/04/19 11:12 AM #28    

Debbie Wikoff (Gibson)

Thank you

11/29/20 10:23 PM #29    


Howard Johnson

Guess were not going to have a 30 year reunion... Would be nice to see everyone. I recently deleted my Facebook account and switched to MEWE, you can find me under HR Johnson on that site. My contact information is still the same.

06/13/22 08:01 PM #30    


Howard Johnson

Is there anyone out there still checking this site? We need to try and get a reunion together. I reached out to Joey McGuire after he took the Head Coach job at Texas Tech. He likes the opportunity and is doing good out there. He is ready for the season to start. 

06/14/22 08:18 AM #31    


Aaron Cardoza

Received word that Steve Thompson passed away about 2 weeks ago from his mother. I was told by my Mom, that they live next door. So said I haven't seen any obutuary posting about it. 

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